Classic Series 12-Gauge Chain Link
Modular Dog Kennels

Our Classic Chain Link Series Kennels Feature:
Classic Series Modular Panel and Gate Features:

Our Classic Series kennels are composed of modular wall and gate panels. Most basic configurations consist of one gate panel and a series of wall panels, although the configuration options are nearly endless. Each panel connects to its adjacent panel in just minutes using 2 sturdy steel clamps and nothing more than a simple wrench. The panels can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled in the same or a different configuration at any time. Adding on to a modular kennel is simple too - just buy more panels. Modular kennels are the ultimate in versatility, expandability, and cost-effectiveness.

Classic Series Kennel Features

Available Accessories for Classic Series Kennels:

Weatherguard Covers Ground Anchor Kit
Anchor Kit
protect pets from rain
and sun and other
adverse weather
secures kennel to variety
of ground surfaces

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