Compare and Review Cat Houses

compare Northland cat houses to the competition

A quality cat house makes all the difference to the comfort and safety of your pet. Our cat houses are a perfect marriage between classic design and modern materials. While you can certainly find a lower priced cat house, we are confident that when you consider the quality and features of our cat houses, and the importance of the safety and comfort of your pet, that you will agree that our cat houses offer the best value on the market today - the best materials, the best insulation, quality finishing, easy assembly, and the most innovative features.

The following chart compares a number of important atributes of a cat house and compares our houses to the competition. For more information, you can also read the following:

Red Cedar
Pine Fir Plywood Plastic
Strength excellent fair/good fair fair good good poor
Scratch/Dent Resistance excellent fair poor very poor good fair fair
Mositure Resistance very good very good good poor fair fair excellent
Insect Resistance very good good fair poor fair fair excellent
Allergen? no yes+ yes no no no VOCs
Water Seal Required no yes yes if not painted if not painted if not painted no
Structural Integrity excellent good fair/good fair very good good fair
Eco-Friendly? yes often no often no yes yes depends no
Visual Appeal excellent very good fair fair fair poor varies

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