Professional Grade (Pro Series) Modular Dog Kennel / Run - 25'W x 25'L x 6'H

Common Applications Quick Modular Panel Assembly? Black Powder Coated? Drill and Weld Construction? Mesh
Boarding Kennels, Breeders, Vet Clinics, Pet Walking Services, High-end Backyard Kennels Has Feature Has Feature Has Feature 2" x 4" welded mesh 8 gauge
heavy duty

Pro Series 25
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Pro Series 25'W x 25'L x 6'H

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This extra large kennel is ideal for multiple large dog breeds, or those pet owners with large yards. Each Pro series modular kennel panel is constructed with a commercial grade steel frame and 8 gauge heavy-duty 2"x4" welded wire mesh. The kennels are black powder-coated for superior corrosion protection and an unsurpassed professional look. The 2"x4" wire mesh is free of dangerous protrusions. 1" extended legs allow for easy clean up.

This modular kennel package consists of:

5'W x 6'H
Gate Panel

Quantity 1
5'W x 6'H
Wall Panel

Quantity 19
Assembly Clamp

Quantity 40
Heavy duty wire gauge

Optional accessories for this kennel:

Save when you buy your accessories at the same time as your original kennel purchase! After you add your kennel to your shopping cart, you will be asked if you want to add any accessories.

Ground Anchor Kit<br>(6 Anchors)

Ground Anchor Kit
(6 Anchors)

secures kennel to a variety of soft ground surfaces

Price with kennel:US$53.00

Price without kennel: US$73.00
Rotating Feeding Station

Rotating Feeding Station

convenient feeding without having to enter the kennel

Price with kennel:US$117.00

Price without kennel: US$151.00
Stationary Feeding Station

Stationary Feeding Station

saves floor space and prevents spilled and wasted food

Price with kennel:US$73.00

Price without kennel: US$93.00
Upgrade Standard 5

Upgrade Standard 5'W Gate to a Gate-In-Gate

provides more versatile access options to your kennel

Price with kennel:US$23.00

Upgrade a Standard Wall Panel to an Extra Gate (5W x 6H)

Upgrade a Standard Wall Panel to an Extra Gate (5W x 6H)

want a second gate? upgrade a standard wall panel to a second gate!

Price with kennel:US$66.00

Order a Spare Gate (5W x 6H)

Order a Spare Gate (5W x 6H)

ordering a spare gate now is a lot cheaper than ordering one on its own in the future!

Price with kennel:US$223.00

Price without kennel: US$443.00
Order a Spare Wall Panel (5W x 6H)

Order a Spare Wall Panel (5W x 6H)

ordering a spare panel now is a lot cheaper than ordering one on its own in the future!

Price with kennel:US$157.00

Price without kennel: US$377.00
Extra / Spare Assembly Clamp

Extra / Spare Assembly Clamp

Energetic dog breed? Order one extra clamp per panel for even more strength!

Price with kennel:US$8.00

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