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Dog Pen Information:

Dog pen uses

Many pet owners work during the day and would simply use their dog pen to keep their pet safely and securely contained in the back yard for several hours each day. Also, depending on the size of the dog pen and the dog that will be using it, our kennels make excellent exercise pens for dogs. They can get out of the house and run around outside in a controlled environment safe from other dogs or even predators. At the same time, the dog will not be able to leave the yard or chase cats or wildlife. Our kennels can also be used as dog training pens. Many trainers and breeders find dog pens to be ideal for training dogs as the pen keeps the dog contained and focused on the trainer.

Dog pen sizing

Several factors should be considered when selecting an adequate sized dog pen that will best fit you and your pet. Some important things to consider include yard size, dog size, space in the yard avaialble for the pen, the individual dog's energy level, the principal purpose for the dog pen and the amount you are willing to spend. For the most part, the larger the pen, the happier your pet will be as they will have more room to run and play; however, you will need to find a balance between the size of your yard and the size of your kennel. Energetic dogs will be better off in larger kennels, while older or less active dogs can typically be placed in a smaller kennel without any problems. In addition, it is usually better to have a long narrow pen instead of a square kennel as this will allow the dog a longer area to run in one direction before it has to turn around.

Dog pen fencing and panels

In our dog pen panels, there are several types of wire fencing materials used. Chain link dog pens are quite popular, while some pet owners prefer a thicker gauge wire dog pen. Our chain link dog pens are 12 gauge galvanized steel. The other types of wire dog pen panels are 8 guage steel with a galvanized finish, or a galvanized and black powdercoated finish.

Indoor/Outdoor dog pens

All of our outdoor dog pens can be used indoors, as long as the space is available inside. It should be noted that when using an outdoor dog pen indoors, the legs of the dog pens may damage flooring so some padding should be used under each dog pen leg if you are worried about your floor. Our Uptown dog pen is very popular as an indoor dog pen due to its manageable size and low cost.

Dog pen panel assembly

Assembly of any of our modular dog pen panel systems is very simple. Start by assembling a corner section so that the first two panels will stand by themselves, then keep adding more panels. The dog fence panels are attached with a simple clamp that is held together with a nut and bolt. Our smaller wire dog pens can take as little as 10 minutes to set up.

Dog pen covers

We carry dog pen covers for a large variety of kennel sizes. The weatherguard dog pen covers include a galvanized steel frame with a peaked roof, and a solid, all-weather fabric cover. More information on the dog pen covers.

Buying dog pens

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