Frequently Asked Dog Door Questions

Frequently Asked Dog Door Questions

Why is the PlexiDor a Better Pet Door?
Metal frame doors are better for larger pets as they can break the plastic frames of cheaper brands easily. If you live in a harsh climate, the Plexidor has the best weather seal and the greatest longevity. Over time, the PlexiDor is the least costly pet door to operate as you will not need to keep replacing vinyl flaps and you will save significant energy costs as compared to competitor's doors. The PlexiDor provides a better barrier to heat or cold, preventing cold drafts from entering your home in the winter.

Does a pet door make it easier for burglars to break in?
A small or medium sized pet door is too small for a human to get through. The large and extra large pet doors may be large enough for a person to get through, but most burglars are then worried about the size of the dog they might encounter if they try to enter through the pet door. If you are worried about this, you may want to look at our electronic pet doors, which will only unlock when your pet is next to it. Our doors also can be locked from the inside as well, and if you plan on being away from your home with your pet, you can also attach the steel security plate to the inside frame (included with our standard and Bite-Guard door and wall mounted models).

How do I train my pet to use the door?
Most pets learn to use the door very quickly. Start by propping the door open and luring your pet through the door with a treat. Do this serveral times in a row until your pet is comfortable with the door. Close the door and repeat the process. For dogs, all of this is usually accomplished in a very short period of time. Cats may take slightly longer to become comfortable with the door. For an added incentive with cats, it is best to put something they want on the other side of the pet door, like their food dish.

Can other pets, animals, or insects get in this door?
It is possible for other animals to get through the door unless you install the electronic dog door. Dogs are usually territorial enough to keep other animals from coming in. Cats will not attempt to prevent other animals from entering, so if you have a cat and are worried about keeping out other animals the electronic door is recommended. As far as insects getting access to your home, we have never had any reports of the PlexiDor being a problem area for insects.

What does "Framing Depth" mean?
Framing depth is the measurement from the inside frame of the pet door to the outside frame of the pet door. For example, a pet door on a regular house door would have a framing depth of 1 3/4 inches, while a pet door on a wall might have a framing depth of 6 - 12 inches. A "0" framing depth means the pet door simply screws onto the surface and has no self framing tunnel lining between the inside frame and the outside frame of the pet door.

How do I keep some pets in and let others out?
The best way to control certain pets from entering or exiting the home is to use an electronic PlexiDor. The pet you wish to give freedom will wear a collar with a sensor attached that controls the opening and closing of the pet door. You can also control the timing of how long the door remains open. It should be noted that it is not possible to keep a cat inside that is friendly with the dog.

Can I install the pet door myself?
Yes, you can install the pet door yourself. All doors come with a set of instructions, and installation requires few tools.

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