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Extra Large Insulated Dog House

Climate Master Extra Large Dog House

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designed for very large dog breeds, this extra large insulated dog house features PanelAbode™ Engineered Panel Technology, Slide-Lock™ removable roof system, and more!

Our extra large insulated dog house is designed specifically for large dog breeds weighing up to about 220 lbs, including larger Alaskan Malamutes, large male Rottweilers, most Great Pyrenees, most Saint Bernards, most Bullmastiffs, and other similar-sized dogs.* Like all of our Climate Master™ Series insulated dog houses, this house features our PanelAbode™ laminated engineered panel technology, a thick layer of true foam insulation, our Slide-Lock™ removable roof system, and a host of other popular features for the ultimate comfort and protection of your pet.

Our engineered panel construction is superior to plastic houses as well as traditional cedar, pine, fir, and plywood dog houses. Climate Master™ dog houses are extremely resistant to moisture and insects, are stronger and more scratch and dent resistant, and far less likely to warp and/or crack than competitors' materials.

* Breed and weight recommendations for dog houses are estimates only. As dogs come in many different shapes and sizes, we recommend you use our sizing chart to ensure you are purchasing the correct house for your dog.

Recommended For Large to Very Large Dogs (See Sizing Guide)*
External Dimensions 44 3/4" Width x 47" Depth x 49 1/4" Height
Internal Dimensions 36 1/2" Width x 38" Depth x 43 1/4" Height
Door Type Premium Vinyl Flap (multi-slat)
Door Size 16 1/2" Wide x 23 1/2" High
Roof / Base Insulation 1 1/2"
Wall Insulation 1 1/2"
Weight 160 lbs
Part # CM-XL
UPC 760537309495

Extra Large Dog House Features:

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